Vivi Stutz




The Creed (Book 1: Fostered & Book 2: Cradled)

Mia has loved Gabriel since the day he suddenly appeared to fulfill his dharma, to see her through a difficult adolescence after being orphaned. He disappeared without notice when Mia found employment as a dancer and could stand on her own feet.

​Recurring dreams lead Mia to believe that a mystery keeps them apart, Gabriel loves her as much as she loves him and he will return. When Gabriel reappears at a frightful accident site, Mia thinks the time has come to reunite. But now Gabriel is a convicted biker gang member, brainwashed by a cult who claims to capture Nephilim. Should she cut her ties and marry Alex, the man who stands by her when Gabriel offers her up as a sacrifice to his cult? What is the greatest act of courage that will show her the deeper meaning of love?



​Nominated for the 2011 Kirkwood Award

Romantic fiction

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Fiction and non-fiction writer.